AEW President Tony Khan Addresses Issue Over Ticket Re-selling for Live Shows

AEW recently announced that they will be returning to live shows at Daily’s Place with 10% capacity. Tickets quickly sold out for the August 27 Dynamite show which will be the first AEW show with a live crowd in the pandemic era.

However, according to AEW President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Khan, while they are happy with the response, they are also seeking to move against “predatory online ticket resellers”.

As part of safety procedures, guest during the live shows will be placed in physically distanced seating pods. These are groups of seats, for two, three, four, or six individuals, which will be placed around the venue.

 The pod locations are specifically designed to ensure that distance is maintained between audience members.

Tickets for the show are thus sold by groups for specific pods, but Khan noted that they were seeing tickets being resold online, to essentially split and mix groups which could result in contamination.

“We’ve seen unethical ticket resellers bought outdoor seat pods meant for family/friends and illegally tried to split them, theoretically to put unacquainted fans sat together,” said Khan in a Tweet.

“Nope. We’ll seek out and cancel any split pods to ensure fans can enjoy the show while keeping safe distance,” he said.

He also included a copy of AEW’s official statement on the issue in his Tweet. The statement thanks fan’s for their support, evident by the fast sellout of the tickets.

They also explain the reasoning behind the pods as well as reiterate that wearing protective masks will be mandatory.  They also asked for fans’ help against the resellers.

“We’re asking out fans to inform us if they feel they’ve purchased tickets that were originally part of a larger pod and we will do what we can to offer a remedy.”