AEW Reportedly Pulled Excalibur From Dynamite Following Racist Promos

Excalibur recently made headlines for his promos where he had aggressively used the N-word multiple times. While his verbiage earned him a lot of attention, the promos could have an adverse effect on his career.

Excalibur was in Jacksonville this week but AEW didn’t use him on Dynamite. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the veteran wrestler made the trip to Florida but wasn’t used on the show. It’s unknown what’s going on between him and AEW at the moment.

“I know he made it to Florida, but he wasn’t used. I don’t know if it’s like Sammy Guevara where he’s suspended for 30 days off or longer, or ever of if he’s not going to be used. I don’t know the answers yet.”

It’s possible that Tony Khan has decided its best to pull the masked play-by-play announcer from television until the matter is publicly addressed. It’s interesting to see the abusive videos dropping on the night before Excalibur was set to announce for AEW once again.

The pro wrestling industry isn’t new to wrestlers uttering the N-word but the fact that Excalibur actually used the slur when the George Floyd murder and the Black Lives Matter movement have caused huge unrest in America could potentially lead to his firing from AEW.