AEW Reportedly Releases Jennifer Decker From Their Broadcast Team

AEW has only released a handful of stars since the company became a weekly show back in 2019, but it was revealed earlier today by RingSideNews that the company had parted ways with Jennifer Decker, who was a member of their broadcast team.

Decker was signed by AEW back in 2019 and has a background in modeling, acting, and Sports Journalism.

Despite being an integral addition to AEW’s broadcast team, this report states that Decker has been used less and less by the company in recent weeks.

Decker has since moved all references of AEW from her Social Media accounts and is no longer pictured on the images of AEW’s roster.

There are now rumors that former WWE star Renee Young could be drafted in to replace Decker given her wealth of experience in the broadcasting world.

However, since Young has a lengthy non-compete clause since leaving WWE, this is somewhat unlikely at this moment in time.