AEW Star Brandi Rhodes Comments On Death Threats On Social Media

Rhodes voiced her concern towards the increasing trend of such activities online

Image via tpww,net

All Elite Wrestling’s Chief Branding Officer, Brandi Rhodes, recently took to Twitter to bring attention towards individuals who send death threats to her every day. Brandi Rhodes also talked about how “celebrities” that are individuals with blue ticks on Twitter are bombarded with hate speech and death threats every day for no reason whatsoever.

She called out such individuals who feel content after sending out death threats to other people and voiced her concern towards the increasing trend of such activities on social media.

Rhodes is currently a major part of AEW’s functioning, as she is dueling with wrestling duties as well as the corporate role. Rhodes is not the first superstar to be targeted with such hate comments, as several WWE and AEW superstars have suffered from this in the past.

Brandi Rhodes wrestled on AEW Fight for the Fallen PPV earlier this month, in a match against Allie which was lackluster. However, Rhodes will definitely have an integral part to play in the upcoming weekly show of AEW starting on TNT in October.

A Twitter user called out Brandi Rhodes for being the same toxic individual to which Brandi replied by asking the user for a proof. Ryan Satin, a wrestling critic, also voiced his concerns in a reply to Rhodes’s tweet. Satin said he and his girlfriend were targeted with such death threats this past weekend.

There are several such toxic fans on Twitter who have irrational hatred towards AEW, and in an effort to defend WWE, are constantly spewing hatred on AEW superstars.

The competition between both the companies should be encouraged instead of becoming a living nightmare for the superstars, which is not only giving wrestling fanbase a bad name in the world but also making superstars who put their bodies on the line every week feel disgusted.