AEW Star Brian Cage Recalls Getting Concussed During WWE Tryout Match

Brian Cage might be one of the newest AEW stars but when he was just 24, he was signed with WWE.

Cage was only in WWE for a short period of time and on an episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, he admits that he’s happy with the way things turned out.

“I told everyone through high school and junior high I guarantee by 24, I’ll be signed with WWE and that’s exactly what happened,” recalled Cage.

“The whole WWE accomplishment was checked off, and I got to experience that and it’s cool,” he added. “As soon as I let go of the desire and that need that I had to be there, my life personally and professionally just went so much better.”

“I’m not like some super anti “Them”, “clarified Cage. “But I’ve done well without them. If I never have to go back there then I’m happy with that.”

Cage also shared some stories about how he got to WWE in the first place. He said that he had been friends with Chris Kanyon and was able to get extra work that way. He then shared a story about getting concussed in what was basically a tryout match.

He was in the ring with Jimmy Wang Yang and he was supposed to take a crossbody and ended up with a concussion.

“I jump up in the air so high, I catch him. We come down and he hits me so high, I jump up so much,” he recalled. “We turn like, and he lands right on top of my head. Completely knocked out. Stiff arms and everything. I go limp.”

According to Cage, even though he finished the match he doesn’t remember what happened next and it was only the ref who realized he was hurt. While he wasn’t signed then, he was eventually.