AEW Star Files Trademark To Prevent WWE From Using That Name

All Elite Wrestling and WWE have been at crossroads, ever since the new company came into inception at the turn of 2019. AEW and WWE have constantly denied the presence of a ‘war’ between the two factions, but in reality, that is hardly the case.

WWE recently started referring to the Bulgarian Brute Rusev as ‘The Bad Boy’ as seen on the Starrcade event last week. Rusev has been involved in an extremely heated rivalry with Bobby Lashley, who has taken on Rusev’s wife, Lana, as his lover.

Rusev isn’t the only ‘bad boy’ operating in the wrestling industry however, as AEW’s very own Joey Janela has been operating the gimmick for quite some time now. Janela has apparently filed for a trademark on ‘The Bad Boy’, according to HeelByNature.

This news was seemingly confirmed by Janela on Twitter, as he apologized to the former United States Champion, and said this was something he had to do. WWE only recently started referring to Rusev as the bad boy, which means they couldn’t have filed the trademark already.

Janela is one of the mainstays of the midcard in AEW currently, and main-evented AEW Dynamite as recently as this Wednesday. Janela contested against number one contender Jon Moxley in a losing effort, as he tried to regain some momentum after a string of losses.

It will be interesting to see what WWE’s next course of action will be when it comes to Rusev. WWE won’t be able to continue using ‘Bad Boy’ as Rusev’s new nickname, and will have to search for alternatives.

Several superstars have been filing for trademarks related to their characters in recent weeks, as Charlotte, Andrade and Luke Harper reportedly filed for certain names, which they would possibly look to use outside of the WWE realm.

Janela is certainly a ‘bad boy’ and WWE won’t appreciate this mischief by the OG Bad Boy.