AEW Star Miro Reveals That WWE Fined Him for Getting a Haircut

During his time in WWE, Miro went through a phase in 2017 where he wasn’t being used by WWE and was waiting to go and have shoulder surgery.

The former United States Champion decided it was a good time to have a hair cut and at the time it was speculated that this was done without permission and earned him a lot of heat backstage.

The star who is now employed by AEW was recently a guest on the Talk is Jericho Podcast with fellow AEW star Chris Jericho, where he was able to reveal that not only did he gain some heat for cutting his hair, but he was also fined.

“I cut my hair because I had nothing going on. They were beating me day in and day out. I was going away for shoulder surgery. I came back for one match and they made Big Show chokeslam me four times and chokeslam me seven times and they tried to convince me to protect my character.”

“C’mon man. I’m not that stupid. It’s ok because I love Big Show. He put me over when I needed it so I have to put him over. Who cares? I’m not that guy. Just tell him we need 3 chokeslams and a punch, one, two, three. Great, I’ll do it.”

“They threw a big stink about my hair. They said, ‘how dare you? How can you? Why didn’t you ask?’ Sorry, I’ll ask next time.”