AEW Star Shown On Camera During NXT TakeOver WarGames, Triple H Comments

During NXT TakeOver: WarGames, AEW’s Britt Baker was caught on camera in the crowd watching the match with a look of concern.

Baker is dating the current WWE NXT Champion and member of the Undisputed Era, Adam Cole. She was spotted watching his match, specifically a spot in which Cole and Tommaso Ciampa took a fall off the cage top and through the tables set up in the ring.

Baker is quite recognizable in the shot and commentator Mauro Ranallo even mentioned her name and her relationship with Cole. While this isn’t the first time Baker has been seen at an NXT show supporting Cole, this is the first time she’s been focused on and shown on camera.

While wrestlers from competing companies often do attend shows of their competitors, it’s usually not mentioned nor are they shown on air.

During a media call after TakeOver, Triple H addressed the situation and explained why Baker’s presence was featured on the show.

According to Triple H, showing Baker had not been intentional. The director had not known who she was and had just been looking for a “concerned person in the crowd” for a reaction shot. Probably because the concern was real and personal, Baker was seen as having the best concerned look.

Triple H added that he didn’t have an issue with Baker being shown and Ranallo addressing her appearance was a way of addressing the “elephant in the room.” He also mentioned that he hoped that it wouldn’t cause Baker any issues with AEW and said that her work with them is great and she was “killing it.”