AEW Takes Several Shots At WWE As Part Of This Week’s Dynamite

It’s been a rough week for WWE since the company faced a lot of backlash following the ending of their Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Sunday Night. The company was able to move forward on Monday Night Raw and show that there was still a lot of depth in their roster.

WWE’s week got a little bit worse last night when AEW took a number of shots at the company as part of their second show on Dynamite. These shots began as part of Chris Jericho‘s promo where he introduced “The Inner Circle” which consisted of LAX, Sammy Guevara, and former WWE World Champion Jake Hager.

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Jericho stated that “We aren’t next, we are now” which was a shot at NXT who has now become a direct competition to AEW on Wednesday nights. Jericho went on to slate WWE’s creative team when the crowd started to chant “We The People” when Jake Hagar was introduced, stating that “We The People sucked ” and that it was now “dead and buried.”

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When talking about Hager, he went on to state that he was “undefeated” in MMA which made him the most feared man in professional wrestling, something that was obviously aimed at WWE and Cain Velasquez.

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Hager debuted on TNT as part of AEW’s debut on the network last week and Velasquez was the man who debuted on Friday Night SmackDOwn as part of their debut on FOX.

The former UFC Champion was said to have been negotiating with AEW before he signed with WWE, but after he chose Vince McMahon’s company, it appears that All Elite are sour about it.

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Jim Ross also fired a number of shots at WWE throughout the broadcast, including one comment about Britt Baker’s Mandible Claw being “real” which seemed to imply that Bray Wyatt’s use of Mick Foley’s famous maneuver wasn’t seen as real.

AEW seemed to lower themselves to a different kind of level this week in order to take shots at WWE when they could have risen above it and continue to prove that they were better by putting on a better show.