AEW To Bring Memphis Legends Next Week, Dark Order Teases New Leader

Image via AEW

AEW’s next presentation of their weekly episodic show AEW Dynamite will take place from the iconic wrestling city of Memphis. Memphis is known for its long history with professional wrestling and has seen some legendary wrestlers develop from the city.

Next week, AEW is planning to honor some of these hometown legends during Dynamite and will bring out a select few superstars who will be familiar to those in attendance. Two of the biggest names from Memphis wrestling, Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett, are currently employed with WWE and hence, won’t definitely show up for the show.

Apparently, AEW is trying out this move to ensure the local fanbase shows up to see the famous names from the backyard of the Memphis wrestling community. The current hype around the Memphis show is not good, and hence, Tony Khan planned this out to pull in more viewers.

“So the advance is not good in Memphis. Some of the advances are good, some of them are not good for AEW. The Memphis advance was weAk and they came up with the idea and I think this was Tony Khan’s idea. I think they went with Randy Hales, Randy Hales was contacted and they said: ‘Hey we wanna pay tribute to the Memphis territory.’ It’s like that’s cool — put it on TV.”

“I don’t know the names, I know some names. You figure the ones that are still living that live in the area that Randy Hales knows, those are the guys who are gonna be there.”

The names appearing on the Memphis show are a mystery, and so is the whole gimmick of the controversial Dark Order faction in AEW. After crashing the main-event on the Dec 18 episode, the faction disappeared and did not make an appearance on this week’s episode.

However, a backstage promo aired, which talked about ‘The Exalted One’, which points towards a new leader joining the group soon. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno seem to be doing the bidding for this new mystery leader, who could be anyone from Matt Hardy to Luke Harper.