AEW To Visit New Jersey For The First Time, Big Match Announced For Jan 1 Episode

Image via AEW

All Elite Wrestling started their weekly programming two months ago, and since then, they have targetted some of the major wrestling centric cities like Philadelphia and Chicago among others. Unlike WWE, AEW isn’t going all over the country and is focusing on the places with greater popularity with the sport, and the new addition to this list is New Jersey.

WWE has a great history with New Jersey, as WrestleMania 35 and WrestleMania 29 were held in this state. AEW is looking to capitalize on this wrestling popularity of NJ, and will be hosting ‘Dynamite’ right around the WrestleMania season in Newark, NJ. Below is the full announcement from the company detailing the arrival of Dynamite in the north-eastern state.

AEW’s next PPV, AEW Revolution, is set to take place from Chicago, which is the same location as that of AEW All Out, which led to many fans believing that AEW won’t be venturing into new cities in the recent future. However, AEW is clearly looking to expand their show by showing up in new cities, and with WrestleMania 36 around the corner, the Dynamite episode from NJ will surely be exciting.

Apart from this, AEW has announced a major match for the first episode of the new decade, which will take place from the home of AEW in Jacksonville, Florida. The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) will take on Lucha Brothers, who will be joined by PAC.

Omega and PAC’s rivalry doesn’t seem like ending any time soon, while the Young Bucks have had beef with almost every team in the tag-team division.

All the six superstars are highly talented individuals, who will surely kick off the new decade on a high, with some high-flying action.