AEW Under Investigation For Moxley-Omega Match At Full Gear

All Elite Wrestling presented a ‘Lights Out’ match at their most recent pay-per-view offering, AEW Full Gear. The main event of the PPV saw Kenny Omega take on Jon Moxley with the ‘anything-goes’ stipulation, and the match not counting towards their win-loss record.

In a match filled with extreme deathmatch-level violence, Moxley reigned supreme. Moxley and Omega did share ‘a little bit of the bloody’, as they relentlessly bled after some of the high-octane maneuvers.

Former WCW commentator Chris Cruise recently got in touch with the Maryland State Athletic Commission to understand their rules pertaining to blading during a match.

The commission said that no superstar was given permission to intentionally harm themselves during the matchup, and they had a doctor present during the event. The commission also said that they will be investigating into the matter further, as Omega-Moxley had a few moments where it seemed like the blood was a result of a blade job.

Cruise has expressed his displeasure for AEW in the past as well and does not see the new company succeeding in the distant future. Cruise feels that AEW may run for a long time, but it would never be profitable.

“AEW has millions of dollars from the son of a billionaire and is not setting the world on fire and will not succeed. It may last a long time, but will never be profitable. Somebody once said ‘if you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and buy an airline.’ It’s the same thing with a pro wrestling organization; it’s just going to bleed you dry. Not everything is guaranteed to last forever. It’s my convention that wrestling has seen better days.”

What is Cruise’s purpose behind shelling out AEW is still a mystery, and AEW should manage to scrape past this investigation.