AEW Wrestler Calls Out Al Snow for Sexist and Unprofessional Behavior

AEW’s Abadon is sharing incidents of “sexist” and “unprofessional” behavior that she experienced at the hands of former WWE star Al Snow.

Snow was mostly active in WWE in the 90s and early 2000s, since then he’s mostly worked backstage for WWE and other promotions as a road agent or trainer. He also trains wrestlers at his Al Snow Wrestling Academy and owns Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Abadon doesn’t specify when she attended a training with Snow or if it was at his Academy or not, but she does state that Snow has some harsh things to say about her gimmick in front of other people in attendance.

“Can you be more attractive so we can book you? You are too fat to be doing flips. You are not The Undertaker, so stop.’” wrote Abadon, were just a sample of what she heard from a “legend.”

“That ‘legend’ was Al Snow, who said this to myself and 3 other women in front of EVERYONE at the seminar,” she revealed.

You can check out all of Abadon’s comments about her experience in her Tweets below.