After The Tampon Spot, WWE Mae Young Classic Star Priscilla Kelly Is Back With A Vomit Spot

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Priscilla Kelly, a former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor has gained attention again with another gross spot in wrestling. Kelly was at the United Bar Brawl at Atlanta, GA, when she teamed with her husband Darby Allin to battle Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly.

There was no wrestling ring in sight and the match carried all over the bar. As you can see from the below video, Kelly seemingly vomited on Everfly and Darby pinned him for a win. It appears so gross that even Everfly started vomiting in front of the crowd.

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This is not the first time Kelly is being involved in a gross wrestling spot. In fact, it was only last month she garnered worldwide attention for shoving what looked like a used tampon into her opponent’s mouth.

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Kelly took her opponent to the outside of the ring before she yelled “You want to taste the tuna?” to the audience and then pulled out what appeared to be a used tampon from her wrestling tights. Kelly then held her opponent’s mouth open and threw the object into it while the audience chanted “You sick ****!!”

Kelly appeared as part of the Mae Young Classic last year, and was one of many women who took part in the lengthy tournament but was then not chosen as a potential employee for WWE.