Aiden English Reveals He Almost Got Fired from WWE for Going Off Script During a SmackDown Dark Segment

Matt Rehwoldt (fka Aiden English) recently revealed that he almost got fired from WWE for going off script during a SmackDown dark match.

The former WWE wrestler talked about an unscripted moment that happened after SmackDown Live went off-air in March 2018.

The spot happened before WrestleMania 34, and WWE booked a dark match between AJ Styles and The Usos vs Rusev, Rehwoldt, and King Corbin.

“We get backstage and we get chewed a new one. Vince McMahon wasn’t there, Triple H wasn’t there, but the producers, the TR [Talent Relations] people, and for some reason, I’m convinced because it was us and not some other major star, ‘That’s not how you do it, you buried yourselves out there, you buried the business, you made us look like… all this and that, people are not gonna like this.’”

When the match was about to end, a superkick party happened. The face team gave multiple superkicks to the heel team and the crowd loved it.

To entertain the fans further, wrestlers broke the script and even the referee swapped positions with Styles. After that, he kicked Rusev too.

“This was the SmackDown, I believe, before WrestleMania [34]. We had to fly right down to New Orleans for WrestleMania and we get sat down. We get threatened with release, gigantic fines… 10 thousand, 20 thousand dollar fines. All this stuff. The referee was gonna get fired, even though we were telling him, ‘Hey, great, do it, this is fun.’ The poor guy, I think he got fined and everything.”

Eiden also mentioned in the Tweet that John Cena apparently paid the fine on his (and several other WWE wrestlers) behalf.