Aiden English Set to Make In-Ring Return

Former WWE Superstar Aiden English will be returning to the ring during a Zelo Pro Wrestling event this Thursday night in Chicago.

English, who now goes by his real name Matthew Rehwoldt, is a Chicago native. He has dubbed himself “The Drama King” and is set to face “The Filth King” Brubaker.

Rehwoldt was an NXT tag team star as part of the Vaudevillans. When he moved to the main roster, he was mostly known for his work with Rusev, now Miro in AEW. He was considered a huge part of why “Rusev Day” got over.

Rehwoldt’s last role with the WWE was as an announcer for 205 Live. He was part of the mass employee cuts that the WWE made in April near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since getting released, Rehwoldt has reportedly been training but not been seen in or around a wrestling ring.

He has mostly focused on his YouTube channel, a gaming stream on Twitch with his wife Shaul Guerrero, and a podcast called “Wrestling With Whiskey.”

With his former partner Rusev now becoming Miro in AEW, he has also indicated he might be interested in signing with AEW and there are certainly wrestling fans who would welcome that development.