AJ Lee Not Expected To Return For WWE Evolution

AJ Lee was one of the instigators of the current Women’s Revolution since she started pushing for equality from the minute she first laced up her wrestling boots.

Lee refused to conform to what WWE wanted her to be as a Diva and this was one of the main reasons why she became so popular.

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It was a huge shock for many WWE fans when Lee announced her retirement from the business back in 2015 and she has since gone on to become a New York Times Best Selling Author and her biography has been commissioned to become a TV series.

Lee has also become entangled in WWE’s problems with her husband CM Punk, who’s lawsuit with WWE’s doctor Chris Amann only came to an end earlier this year which was one of the main reasons why many fans believed that she wouldn’t be persuaded to make a return.

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AJ Lee
AJ Lee at a book launch – Image via 24wrestling.com

Evolution is being promoted as a celebration of all the women in the business and it appears that Lee could be one of the ones who won’t be included in the show.

WWE reached out to Lee about an appearance around two months ago, but it seems that according to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, there has been no progress with the former Divas Champion.

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“I don’t think there’s a real chance of that happening unless things clear up between her husband and WWE. It just places her in a bad place personally,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Evolution is now just over three weeks away and still, there are only three matches officially on the card, which means that there could be a number of matches officially announced in the near future since the show is expected to be stacked.