AJ Styles And Daniel Bryan To Clash Over The WWE Championship At Crown Jewel

bryan-styles crown jewel
Image via WWE.com

WWE has announced that the WWE Championship will be on the line at the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view on November 2.

WWE Champion AJ Styles will be squaring off against Daniel Bryan, in a dream match many people all over the world would pay to see.

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Since returning from retirement, Bryan has mostly been concentrating on getting some measure of revenge against his rival, The Miz. During the WWE Super Show-Down held in Melbourne, Bryan not only beat the Miz, he earned himself an opportunity at the WWE Championship

The match announced for Crown Jewel will be the second time that Styles and Bryan have faced each other since Bryan returned to in-ring competition. Bryan’s first match upon announcing that he was medically cleared to wrestle again back in April was against Styles on SmackDown Live.

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While the first match between the two men was a bit muddled, it ended in a DQ when Shinsuke Nakamura attacked both Bryan and Styles in the ring. It was still well regarded and many will welcome the chance to see a rematch, especially now that the stakes have been raised with the Championship on the line.

This is the second Championship match to be announced for Crown Jewel, which has been announced for November 2 at Riyad, Saudi Arabia. The first was a triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship, which will see Roman Reigns defending the title against both Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar.

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WWE Crown Jewel will also be the venue of the first WWE World Cup tournament.

While the event was originally announced for the King Fahd International Stadium, newer material released by the WWE, including the press release announcing the Styles vs. Bryan match now give the venue as the King Saud University Stadium.