AJ Styles and Kevin Nash Tested Positive for COVID-19

On Wednesday afternoon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced that he along with his family had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Great One’s family has recovered and everyone is healthy at present.

The announcement made WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash share his diagnosis as well. The former WCW megastar revealed that the virus made him skip training, his son was asymptomatic and his wife is yet to get her smell and taste back.

Shortly after, AJ Styles revealed to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus last month. The Phenomenal One shared the news during his Twitch stream last evening.

 “I also tested positive a couple of weeks ago, probably almost a month ago. I feel for people who have to deal with this but I gotta say, I didn’t have that many problems with it. Hopefully The Rock and his family, hopefully everybody is safe and everybody is taken care of and nobody has too bad of symptoms and stuff like that. It sucks, it’s not good for anybody.”

Previous reports suggest that over 30 WWE employees tested positive in July but the billion-dollar promotion never announced anything from their side.

As a matter of fact, Renee Young’s disclosure of her positive COVID-19 test upset WWE higher-ups.