AJ Styles and Other Superstars Met With Vince McMahon to Protest Twitch Ban, Paige Looking into Unionization

WWE recently set a new rule in the company, which forced their talents to give up their Twitch and Cameo accounts and start using company-based accounts.

Several wrestlers including former WWE Champion AJ Styles, disabled their Twitch this week, which hasn’t gone down well with the fans.

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has been pretty vocal about her displeasure regarding this rule and is looking to unionize the wrestlers in order to get rid of this rule. Paige revealed that she is speaking to an attorney in order to form a wrestlers’ union.

“People don’t realize I’m outspoken as f–k. I will say how I feel. I don’t care who you are. I will say how I feel because I don’t like being walked all over. … You know what? I’m gonna start looking more into unionization. I’ve been learning about it by a unionization lawyer.”

“This is bigger than Twitch, it’s about taking f–king control of your own life and not being controlled by anyone. I gave ten years, man. I poured my f–king heart and soul into this. I had a bad couple of years like every motherf–ker has. I’m not the only one who is f–king controversial around here, I’m not the only one. It’s f–king louder when it comes to me because I’m a f–king female. I hate using that because I’m a woman but it’s because I’m a woman and women don’t usually stand up for themselves.”

Paige is one of the highest-paid stars on Twitch and given her retirement from wrestling due to neck injuries, she is unwilling to let go of her alternative source of income.

PWInsider reported that Styles and other wrestlers spoke with Vince McMahon personally regarding this rule, but they couldn’t make the chairman change his mind.

“Several talents recently met with McMahon¬†in order to sit down with him to argue against the Twitch ban, but given that a number of high-profile talents, including AJ Styles, have announced they are suspending their Twitch streams overnight, it would not appear they were successful in swaying the WWE head.”

It was reported a few weeks ago that the company is planning to form partnerships with third-party applications like Cameo, to ensure that they take a cut of the revenue the superstars are making on these applications.