AJ Styles Believes WWE Wasted His On-Screen Return

AJ Styles returned to Monday Night RAW for the first time since WrestleMania this week and was able to win the Money in the Bank qualifying gauntlet match.

The former WWE Champion was “buried alive” by The Undertaker just four weeks ago and was able to return unscathed on Monday Night to defeat Humberto Carrillo via The Calf Crusher. Many WWE fans questioned why Styles made his return so soon and without any kind of change following the match and it appears that the man himself is disappointed that he wasn’t able to mark his return.

Styles recently opened up about his return on his Mixer stream, while also building up this weekend’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

“The return… could’ve been more, okay. I’ve heard people talk about, ‘Well I mean… kinda just wasted it. AJ Styles was buried alive, could’ve come back as a different character in a different mood and a different look, something different about AJ Styles and he came back and he was exactly the same before he got buried.’ I’m with you.”

“Now, I think the circumstances had a lot to do with AJ Styles coming back when he did… but, the circumstances, the match… maybe we needed some more star power in the match. Maybe that’s what that was. I don’t know, I’m not tooting my own horn here, but, I wish we could’ve waited and had times been different, that could’ve been something that we would’ve went [with].”

Styles could easily be considered a dark horse in this weekend’s contract ladder match, but now that he no longer has the help of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, it could be a much harder task for the former WWE Champion to lift the briefcase and guarantee himself a World Championship match.