AJ Styles Opens Up About Why He Thought He Would Never Work For WWE

AJ Styles
Image via ign.com

AJ Styles has been around the wrestling circuit since he was a teenager and first gained the attention of WWE’s officials back in 2002 when he was working on the Indy Circuit and WWE actually offered him a developmental deal.

Styles made a few appearances on WWE TV, but ultimately turned down the deal because he wasn’t willing to relocate and ruin his wife’s college plans at the time. Styles didn’t realize it would take WWE 14 years to come knocking, and reached the point where he believed that he would never work for WWE.

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Styles recently spoke to The Daily Star in the UK where he revealed that he thought that he wasn’t the right fit for Vince McMahon’s company.

“I think I just assumed me and the WWE just weren’t a fit, we would never work together. I learned to live with it, and I just assumed they didn’t need an AJ Styles. Thankfully I was wrong. It took me a while, but when I got here the timing was perfect.”

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Styles made his debut in WWE at The Royal Rumble back in 2016 where he was the number three entrant, but he revealed in an interview with Dirt Fork, that WWE didn’t have high hopes for him following his arrival.

“From my understanding, I was looked at as a mid-card at best in the WWE. That was the plan and I was okay with that because it was still a great job, a great payday and a great way to take care of my family,” he said via Comicbook.

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Styles is the current WWE Champion and has held the title for almost a year, but if he’s hoping to reach a year with the Championship, he will have to overcome the threat of Samoa Joe in a no count-out, no disqualification match at Super Show-Down next weekend (Oct 6).