AJ Styles Ready to Put Intercontinental Title and His Career on the Line Against The Undertaker

The Undertaker buried AJ Styles alive in the historic Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36. Shortly after, WWE billed that cinematic showdown as Taker’s Last Ride following which The Phenom quietly announced his retirement from in-ring competition.

As the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Styles understands that he needs to do what’s best for business. The Phenomenal One firmly believes that The Phenom still has one more match left in him and this leaves the door open for another exciting encounter with the stakes being higher this time around.

On his recent Twitch stream, Styles suggested that since Taker has never held the Intercontinental Championship, he is willing to provide him that golden opportunity. The 2-time WWE Champion stated that he is ready to put his Intercontinental Title and career on the line against The Deadman.

If Styles loses, then he will leave WWE forever with Taker being crowned the new champion. However, if The Phenom loses, then he must retire.

“You want me to give you one? Here’s one. I’m the IC champ, Undertaker’s never been the IC champ. I’ll put it on the line against you, and if you freaking beat me, I’ll leave WWE forever, but if I win, you leave.”

“There, there’s the story behind that. I’ll see if he comes at SummerSlam. He said it on TV, ‘I’m retired,’ but he never said it to me. He said if Vince needed him then he’ll be there… just saying.”

Styles’ proposal is definitely a marquee box-office booking but it remains to be seen whether WWE is ready to capitalize on the idea. After all, the Boneyard Match was booked around The Undertaker, and the entire purpose of the match was to make the 7-time World Champion look good, if not as great as he was during his prime.

While the stipulation sounds extraordinarily good, the fact is, neither one holds up to reality – neither is Styles going to leave WWE until the next four years nor is The Undertaker going to win a title and defend the same at this stage of his career.