AJ Styles Responds to CM Punk’s Comments, Says He Has “No Respect” For The Former WWE Champion

AJ Styles is yet to give any kind of public update regarding the current issues in America, which has led to CM Punk claiming that these assumptions about Styles have been obvious for years.

It’s also interesting to note that Punk has since deleted the Tweet, which itself speaks volumes.

Styles himself was finally able to respond to the comments that were made by The Self Proclaimed “Best In The World” last week in a recent interview with The Times of India.

The Phenomenal One declared that he had no respect for the former WWE star while also stating that he refuses to react to his claims.

“I will not react at all coming from a guy like that I don’t any respect anyway. It doesn’t really matter. Look, my job as a performer is to perform and get the mind off all the things that have happened throughout the world. I am not going to react to people saying ridiculous and stupid things.”

Styles is set for the finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament in the coming weeks as he faces off against Daniel Bryan.

It’s obvious that Styles uses his wrestling as a form of escapism and doesn’t feel a need to share his life on Social Media like many current wrestling stars.