AJ Styles Reveals The Real Reason Why He Left TNA

AJ Styles
Image via SEScoops.com

AJ Styles was offered a WWE contract more than a decade before he accepted in 2016, but he opted to take the route into TNA and became one of the biggest stars that the company has ever created.

Many fans were shocked when he left Impact and made his way over to WWE as part of the 2016 Royal Rumble, but the current WWE Champion recently spoke to Title Match Wrestling where he was able to reveal the real reason behind it.

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There were rumors that TNA was trying to cut his pay by around 50 percent, which is something that AJ went on to address.

“I think that saying 60 percent is being generous, to be honest with you and it’s kind of crazy when that’s their first offer, you know like ‘wait, what? that doesn’t make any sense’. I’ve worked here for 11 years and hard for 11 years’, I haven’t gotten less popular here at TNA I have been more popular especially the last year so I don’t know what’s going on this doesn’t make much sense to me.”

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Styles went on to discuss the money problems that TNA had when they fell foul in their deal with Hulk Hogan and stated that it wasn’t fair on the talent that was part of the company at the time since they were left with financial difficulties when it wasn’t their fault.

“It’s not fair to the talents, somewhere they wasted a lot of money and the guys under contract, the guys who’ve busted their butts are the ones who had to pay the price and that doesn’t make sense, that’s not fair to them, they’re the ones that put their bodies on the line for TNA.”

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Styles has since gone on to become a star in WWE and has left his TNA wrestling days behind him, but TNA will be kicking themselves since they will now be aware that if it wasn’t for that deal, they would still have some of the best wrestling talent in the world at their disposal.