AJ Styles Says Signing His Last Contract With WWE Was “The Right Decision”

The Phenomenal One is a 2-time WWE Champion

Image via WWE

AJ Styles has had a successful run in WWE ever since his epic debut at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in 2016.

While The Phenomenal One definitely lost his debut WrestleMania match, that shock defeat didn’t stop him from cementing himself as the longest reigning SmackDown Champion in WWE history. Today, Styles also ranks among the longest reigning WWE Champions of all time.

Shortly before WrestleMania 35, Styles inked a new deal with WWE that he himself claims to be the last contract of his long illustrious career.

Prior to renewing his deal, the pro wrestling community was initially under the impression that Styles would be potentially leaving for AEW. However, the 42-year-old Superstar chose to stay with Vince McMahon’s promotion and the rest is history.

During a recent interview with Sporting News, reigning United States Champion Styles explained why his decision to stay with WWE is 100% the right move.

“This is my job. This is what I do for a living. I knew that the next contract that I will sign will be my last. I’m getting older and I don’t want to embarrass myself if I don’t have to. That’s why it was important that I made the right decision and I did. I definitely, 100 percent made the right decision in staying with WWE. They’ve taken care of me since I’ve been here. They’ve shown me nothing but respect, so it worked out.”

The Phenomenal One has been unstoppable post-WrestleMania 35. His Universal Title feud with Seth Rollins turned him heel and that’s the best thing that could’ve happened – not only fans are rejoiced to see an edgier, dangerous, villainous Styles, but his renewed alliance with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The O.C. fka The Club) has also resurrected a heel faction that WWE desperately needs at the moment.

As previously reported, The O.C. “will dominate” this time around so expect to see the group draped in gold sooner than later. Add heel Finn Balor to the mix and there you have 4 formidable individuals led by Styles, wreaking havoc left and right!