Alberto Del Rio Addresses Potential WWE Return

It’s been more than three years since Alberto Del Rio has graced a WWE ring and it appears that the Mexican star has moved on with his career and is now looking forward to his fight with UFC Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz.

Del Rio spoke to TMZ recently to promote the fight and the inevitable question of his in-ring return was approached, given the recent return to the business by former World Champion CM Punk. Interestingly, despite the way that Del Rio recently parted company with WWE and the fact that there is still some bad blood with Paige, the former Champion is still open to a return.

“The door has always been open for both sides. I’m not against their business and they’re not against my business. At the end of the day, I understand now as a promoter, nothing is personal. When you’re an athlete, sometimes you think your boss doesn’t agree with you because he doesn’t like you but it’s nothing personal.”

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Del Rio has been negative about the company and the likes of Triple H and Vince McMahon on social media ever since his release from WWE at the end of 2016. When Del Rio made his return to WWE back in the fall of 2015, he only signed a deal for a year and following the very public issues between Del Rio and former Divas Champion Paige throughout 2016, WWE and the former Champion came to an agreement and terminated his contract a month early. That being said, reports now suggest that things are amicable between both Del Rio and WWE.

The former star is now concentrating on his upcoming UFC match which takes place on December 7th at Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas, but he revealed in the interview below that he will be doing something connected to Professional Wrestling, which could be interesting.