Alberto Del Rio Charged With Sexual Assault, Could Be Sentenced To Prison

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio (real name Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan) was arrested over the weekend on grounds of sexual assault. The Mexican professional wrestler was later released on bond and is deemed innocent until proven guilty.

FOX San Antonio reports that Rodriguez was arrested after the victim told the police that he became angry with her on May 3rd. An affidavit for Rodriguez provides graphic detail of the horrific incident and court documents state that the former Superstar had brutally beaten and sexually assaulted the victim for hours.

As per the report, on May 3rd, Rodriguez had accused the woman of being unfaithful and slapped her on the head. She denied the accusation which caused Rodriguez to slap her again, drag her downstairs to his bedroom and slap her eight more times. The 42-year-old wrestler then made the victim put on a dress and dance for him and even threatened her not to cry or else he would take her son and “drop him off in the middle of the road somewhere.”

Rodriguez then tied the victim’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for hours, using various objects. Investigators report that Rodriguez even punched her in the back, causing visible injuries. The victim had a blackout and doesn’t remember much after Rodriguez put his hands around her throat.

Rodriguez was arrested on May 9th at 11 AM. He posted a $50,000 bond and was released from jail around 3:30 AM the following day. The ex-Superstar is still awaiting trial and could be sentenced to five to twenty years in prison if proven guilty.

Del Rio left WWE in 2014 and wrestled in various promotions including ROH and AAA. He later returned to WWE in 2015 and left the promotion a year later. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States Of America in 2018.