Alberto Del Rio Loses MMA Fight Against Tito Ortiz, Surrenders His WWE Title

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio lost his mixed martial arts match against Tito Ortiz at Combat Americas.

The Combat Americas event took place on Saturday evening (December 7), at a venue that was on the U.S. – Mexico border in the state of Texas and was aired as a pay-per-view.

While Del Rio is a trained MMA fighter, he hadn’t been in an MMA match since 2010, focusing on professional wrestling instead. Ortiz, on the other hand, is a former UFC heavyweight champion who won four out of his last five MMA fights.

Aside from bragging rights, what was on the line during the match was Ortiz’s UFC belt, while Del Rio put up a WWE belt he owned.

Given his long hiatus from the MMA ring, it might not be too surprising that he was unable to get out of a rear-naked chokehold from Ortiz. Del Rio tapped out during the opening round after 3 minutes and 10 seconds.