Alberto Del Rio’s Former Manager Ricardo Rodriguez on if He Will Ever Join WWE Again

Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio and his manager Ricardo Rodriguez didn’t leave the company on good terms. Both left WWE around the same time in 2016 and since then haven’t had another run in Vince McMahon’s corporation.

Rodriquez was featured on VOC Nation’s podcast and talked about a lot of things. When asked about another potential run in WWE, he said he regrets how things turned out.

“I didn’t leave on good terms because I was very angry and bitter when I went and asked for my release. I wasn’t happy being there, and I know I said a lot I shouldn’t have; I regret how I said things. I don’t necessarily take back much of what I said because a lot of people that left after I did said a lot of the same things,” admitted Rodriguez.

“But I regret how I said things. I should have taken a different approach… I was angry, I was upset, I had a substance abuse problem, there’s a whole lot of things that went into it. If the opportunity presents itself [to work behind the scenes], I would jump on it immediately.”

He had exercised an opt-out clause in his WWE contract and was let go in 2016. Although many wrestlers, who left WWE on sour terms, returned to the company later, Del Rio’s former manager may not — due to his work in the adult industry.