Former NXT Champion Aleister Black (real name Tom Budgen) has largely been compared with WWE legend and future Hall of Famer, The Undertaker. Although fans like to draw similarities between these two “dark” icons, Black refuses to submit to the comparison.

Since signing with WWE in 2016, Black has been perceived as a modern-day version of The Phenom. Black’s dark persona, chilly entrance, and an overall spooky yet dangerous vibe make him resonate well with the Lord of Darkness.

On Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Black revealed that he doesn’t like being compared to The Undertaker and that there’s one and only one Deadman in all of professional wrestling.

“I understand that people think that because there’s a certain element of me,” he explained. “But there’s only one Undertaker … and I could never, never fill that void. The legacy Undertaker has made, I don’t even know how to put it into words. He changed the landscape. “

Aleister also revealed that he is his own person but made it known that The Phenom is “indirectly responsible” for his current character in NXT.

“Is Undertaker indirectly responsible for Aleister Black? Sure. Because he’s opened the door for darker characters. He was the first one to really take it to that level and allow an audience to see something that wasn’t so clean and cut.”

Aleister Black, whose name is partially based on Aleister Crowley (19th century occultist), is reportedly in for the main roster jump along with fellow NXT star Lars Sullivan. Although Sullivan has been confirmed for the main roster thanks to WWE’s recent hype videos, fans are yet to see such hype videos for Black’s main roster debut.

The former NXT Champion is expected to land on SmackDown Live due to Zelina Vega. Vega and Black tied the knot a few days ago with the female manager currently playing her role on the blue brand.