Aleister Black Shoots Down Rumors About His Character

It is good to see superstars come forward and deny fake stories

Image via WWE

WWE superstars are known to not hold back on social media, and recently, the trend of superstars shooting down rumors about themselves is seen on Twitter. Aleister Black joined the list of superstars who took to Twitter to refute illogical rumors.

Former NXT Champion Aleister Black’s main roster career is yet to take off, and he has been restricted to creepy backstage promos as of now. Black’s singles run on the main roster started in April, but the Dutch superstar has been a part of just one feud. He competed against Cesaro at Extreme Rules, but their feud lacked proper build-up.

Recently, a report from Bhilli Bhatti from Dirty Sheets said that Aleister Black’s character is considered too ‘satanic’ for television, and that’s the reason behind him being off TV. The report also said that SmackDown Executive Director, Eric Bischoff, doesn’t like this and hence, he wants to move him to RAW or NXT in the coming weeks.

However, Aleister Black totally denied this report and went on to say that it’s completely fake. Bhatti is known for his controversial reports, as they are often published without a reliable source.

Black’s comment comes after Rusev and Natalya recently shot down stories on Twitter. Both the stories were published by Brad Shepard, who is another reporter not known for his credibility.

It is good to see superstars come forward and deny such stories, as they could lead to unnecessary discussions on social media. Black is one of the best characters in WWE currently, and his in-ring skills are phenomenal.

A show which has seen Kane, Undertaker and The Fiend, can definitely accommodate Black, who is definitely a notch lower than those characters.

Fans should take such stories with a grain of salt, and try to follow credible reporters on social media!