Alexa Bliss Admits Being Uncomfortable With “Body-Shaming” Nia Jax

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Real life friends Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax were involved in a feud for the Raw Women’s Championship earlier this year. The storyline saw heel Bliss poking fun of Jax’s size and ended with Jax taking Bliss’s championship during Wrestlemania 34.

According to Bliss, she hadn’t been happy about some of the things that WWE writers had wanted her to say during the feud. She discussed the storyline and her misgivings on Lillian Garcia’s latest podcast.

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“There were some things I just didn’t feel comfortable saying. It was obviously things that Nia provided where she would tell me to say certain things about her to pull real emotions but I just didn’t feel comfortable saying any of that stuff at all, but it was fine so we didn’t do it, which is what is great about our company too because nothing it set in stone.”


“If you don’t feel comfortable doing something there are other options. It is a creative process, which is what is so great about our writing team and our producers that help us feel comfortable in every situation that we are in,” she told Garcia.

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Bliss and Jax have been friends since their NXT days and according to Bliss remain so even if their hectic schedules no longer allow them to hang out as much.

“Well, she is so busy with Total Divas and I have been so busy with media, we still hang out backstage and we are still really, really, really close,” said Bliss. “Obviously, our paths went in different directions, but you know, on the road it is so hard to keep in touch with people”


“We are still really close, but I think that the schedule took over our lives a bit, which happens,” concludes Bliss.