Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair Shooting for Reboot of an 80s Sitcom

Several WWE stars have appeared on TV shows and movies, and two new additions will take place to that list pretty soon.

According to D-Von Dudley, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss are currently in Los Angeles, shooting for a new show. The current WWE producer shared the news on Cameo.

“I’m out here in LA helping produce a show with Alexa Bliss and Charlotte. It’s Punky Brewster, it’s an old 80’s show here in America that we basically used to watch as a kid and it’s coming back like everything else in the 80’s. So, now I’m out here producing and helping and choreographing just like I do in WWE right now.”

The show is apparently a reboot of Punky Brewster, an 80s sitcom. Flair has been out of action for several months when she took time out for surgery. Post that, she has been absent from WWE programming to focus more on her acting career.

Alexa Bliss has been consistently featured on WWE programming but could miss this week’s RAW.