Alexa Bliss Clarifies Her Relationship Status, Responds to Death Threats Aimed at Her Partner

Alexa Bliss isn’t having the best of weeks, the former Raw Women’s Champion revealed how nasty the COVID-19 tests were that she was being forced to take yesterday, before receiving threats earlier today.

Twitter is a toxic place at the best of times, but Bliss seems to have been targeted by a fan who thought that she was still in a relationship with Buddy Murphy.

The fan went on to threaten her new boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, which was when Bliss responded and informed her that she had contacted the right authorities.

The Tweet has now been deleted, but it doesn’t make for pleasant reading.

“Where’s @WWE_Murphy at @AlexaBliss_WWE that’s my biggest fan where’s is he since you don’t care about him @Nikkibenz4all is going to be his new girlfriend I’m going to KILL @RyanCabrera . There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Despite the viciousness of the Tweet, Bliss remained cool and sent out the following response.

“Excuse me, but this is 10000% a credible threat. Wouldn’t we all agree? I’ve already screen-capped & sent this & your same IG comment to those who will be handling this situation.”

Bliss has since deleted both of the Tweets, but this entire situation shows just how toxic Social Media can be for some of the performers in WWE.

This whole situation led to another fan questioning whether or not Bliss and Buddy were still together. Bliss was still happy to respond since this allowed Little Miss Bliss to finally clarify that her relationship with Buddy came to an end back in 2018 but the couple has remained friends.

Bliss also noted that the couple still shares the animals that they had together when they were in a relationship.

Many fans questioned the way Murphy and Bliss’ relationship ended since the couple has been on separate brands for most of their careers.