Alexa Bliss Pitched Working With Bray Wyatt Before He Was The Fiend

Alexa Bliss has wanted to work with Bray Wyatt since 2016.

According to an interview that Bliss gave to, she pitched working with Bray Wyatt shortly after she moved from NXT to SmackDown in 2016 but it “didn’t make sense at the time.”

Wyatt at that time was something of a “cult” leader with the Wyatt Family and Bliss wanted to be part of the storyline because it was so “good”, which she credits to Wyatt.

“He commits fully into that and does so much research, He’s so good at his craft and who wouldn’t wanna work with someone like that,” she said.

She said that her current storyline is a lot of fun for her as she loves getting to act “out of the box.”

“Anything that’s out of the box or a bit different, I’m a big fan of – acting, portraying a character,” she said.

“We don’t know where it’s going – you know as much as I know – but it’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where it goes,” she added.