Alexa Bliss Responds to Twitter Backlash After Telling Murphy to “Shoot his shot” with Aalyah

Seth Rollins revealed that a secret relationship was forming between Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah and former Cruiserweight Champion Murphy last night on Raw.

What many fans didn’t see was Alexa Bliss’s reaction to the news. His former fiancee tweeted that Murphy should “shoot his shot,” with the youngest member of the Mysterio family, which led to some backlash from the WWE Universe.

The main issue for many fans is the fact that Aalyah is just 19 years old while Murphy is 32, the age gap is 13 years and it’s causing some problems when it comes to fans adjusting to the fact that WWE is obviously turning this into a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story.

Bliss has come under fire for her reaction to the unveiling and was forced to send out the following Tweet, defending herself earlier today.

Bliss and Murphy were engaged up until their breakup in early 2018 and Bliss recently confirmed that the couple had remained friends. It’s obvious that Bliss is just supporting her friend and is happy that he is finally being pushed into the spotlight on WWE TV.