Alexa Bliss Reveals How She Went Off Script On A Recent Episode Of Monday Night Raw

Image via WWE

Alexa Bliss competes for the SmackDown Women’s Championship this weekend at Stomping Grounds when she takes on Bayley in one of the three inter-promotional matches on the night. The former Women’s Champion has had limited in-ring time over the past few months due to a concussion issue that WWE decided to keep an eye on.

Given Bliss’ personality, WWE made the decision that, rather than taking her off WWE TV because she can’t wrestle, they would allow her to have her own talk show called “A Moment of Bliss.” This has allowed her to show a new side to her character and has seen her pick up this feud with Bayley which has led to a Women’s Championship match.

Bliss’ new talk show has also just released new merchandise since it is heavily focused on the fact that she always has coffee so “Twisted Bliss Coffee” is now something that fans can buy shirts and mugs related to.

Bliss recently spoke to TVInsider about her hectic career on the road as well as the fact that coffee has become one of the biggest selling points of her character in recent weeks, which is where Bliss was able to reveal that she actually went off script with the coffee a few weeks ago on an episode of Raw.

“I knew I was going to be ringside for a particular match and look disinterested, so I just brought my coffee with me. It became a thing after that because I just stood ringside drinking my coffee. Nobody really has stood ringside drinking coffee, so I thought when I go backstage Vince [McMahon] would either like it or fire me. They ended up liking it.”

Luckily, Bliss wasn’t fired but instead, the company has allowed her to continue to promote the use of coffee as part of her character, something that could come into play this weekend at Stomping Grounds.