Alexa Bliss Reveals When Her WWE Contract Expires, Plans for Having a Child

Former WWE star Renee Young and her husband AEW World Champion Jon Moxley announced last night on AEW Dynamite that they are expecting their first child together, while The Man Becky Lynch is set to give birth to his first child with fiance Seth Rollins next month.

It appears that the whole wrestling world has become broody in recent months since Alexa Bliss recently discussed her future plans to have children with her fiance Ryan Cabrera.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champion recently spoke to Maria Menounos on her Better Together with Maria podcast where she revealed that she only has just over three years left on her WWE contract and she has plans to have children afterward.

“We discussed we would see, you know, once my WWE contract is over, where we’re at. That’s in about 3, 3.5 years! He’s totally fine with that, like, “yeah, I’m good! I just don’t want to be 45 and having my first kid!”

The former Raw Women’s Champion recently announced her engagement to musician Ryan Cabrera after just a year of dating and it appears that the couple is happy to wait until the end of her WWE career to start thinking about making a family.