Alexa Bliss Reveals Why Trish Stratus Match Is So Important To Her

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Alexa Bliss is a former Women’s Champion but currently, she’s out injured after she failed to reclaim her title at Hell in a Cell last weekend.

Many of the WWE Universe were shocked when it was revealed that Bliss would be the woman facing WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at Evolution since the company had already set up a match between Sasha Banks and Stratus at The Royal Rumble earlier this year.

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Bliss has since revealed that despite not being many fans’ first choice to face one of WWE’s biggest legends, she has been a huge fans of Stratus for most of her life and during a recent interview with Cultaholic, she reiterated just how important this match is to her.

“I’m very excited. I watched Trish growing up,” she said via Ringsidenews. “Her and Rey Mysterio were my favorites. To be able to have that opportunity- I’m super grateful for that because when we had the all-women’s Royal Rumble, I, unfortunately, was the Champion and couldn’t be in the match. It was so cool to see all the legends and NXT girls come together for a big, big match.”

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“I was so bummed out that I couldn’t be in that moment because I wanted to be in the ring with Trish, Lita, Jacqueline- you know? I thought it was so cool, but now to have that opportunity to be with Trish, it’s- I’m very excited.”

Bliss missed out on the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble earlier this year and a match with one of the best female wrestlers of all time seems to be WWE’s way of making it up to the former Women’s Champion.

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Bliss is expected to return to WWE TV next week and will be fit to face Stratus in New York on October 28th.