Alexa Bliss Talks Bra and Panties Matches, Gail Kim Calls it “Traumatic”

An interview that WWE superstar Alexa Bliss had with Fox’s Charlotte Wilder has sparked a rather interesting discussion on Twitter among several current and former WWE stars.

During the interview, Bliss talked about how she felt about the Bra and Panties women’s matches that used to be a staple of WWE television, stating that she could never compete in one.

“I respect the women who had to do the bra and panties match because I could never do it,” said Bliss.

“You’ve got to respect that because they did that, for us to do what we do now,” she added.

Bliss’s comments reached one of those performers who has been vocal about being unhappy about not being allowed to have real matches during her time in the company.

Gail Kim, who wrestled in WWE before moving to TNA, admitted that having to participate in the gimmicky matches was “traumatic”.

“Never looked at it that way,” said Kim who is currently a producer at Impact Wrestling.

Kim said that Bra and Panties matches and other similar gimmick matches are some of the most traumatic moments of her life that she has to live with. She also added that the worst part was feeling she had no choice in the matter.

Kim’s Tweet also spurred recently released WWE producer Lance Storm to talk about the distasteful matches he’s seen.

Another interesting response to Kim’s tweet was from April Hunter who said that the change might also have been spurred by the fact that second-generation women wrestlers are now active in WWE and that their fathers now see it as distasteful for their daughters to be such gimmick matches.