Amanda Huber Asks Fans to “Stop Creating a Divide” and “Support Pro Wrestling”

The wife of the late Jon Huber, AEW’s Brodie Lee, is appealing to the wrestling community to come together over her husband’s death.

Fightful is reporting that Amanda Huber is appealing to fans and even wrestlers who have been critical of how the WWE has chosen to remember her husband. She is refusing to “hate” on her husband’s former employer, implying that that was not what he wanted.

Huber made her remarks by posting on Instagram live. Fightful posted a screenshot of the post on their Twitter account.

“So many people expect myself and my family to hate on WWE,” she begins.”The fact is, we don’t. We never have.”

“My husband absolutely got frustrated because he wanted more than they had envisioned for him. That didn’t mean he hated them,” she added.

She goes on to say that WWE gave Lee a platform and a chance to live a dream that he had almost given up on. She also acknowledged that both Lee, herself, and their family made true friends in WWE who are still a source of joy, support, and love.

She then appealed to people to “stop trying to create a divide” in wrestling and to just support and love the industry.