Andrade Suspended For Breaching Wellness Policy, Written Off WWE TV

Image via WWE

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Andrade was able to retain his United States Championship when he took on Humberto Carrillo, but after the match, Carrillo turned the tables on the Champion and put him out of action when he delivered a Hammerlock DDT on the concrete on the outside of the ring.

It was a shocking display from a face WWE star and it also meant that Andrade would be on the shelf for a number of weeks, much like Carrillo was after Andrade hit him with the same move a few weeks ago. Given that he’s the United States Champion and it’s now WrestleMania season, this didn’t make any sense, but things became clear a few minutes after the match when it was leaked that Andrade had been suspended for violating the Wellness Policy.

WWE officially announced that the former NXT Champion would now be out of action for 30 days for his first violation, but the fact that he retained the United States Championship last night on RAW means that it’s likely that he will be able to keep hold of his title until he comes back.

Andrade was on RAW last night, which means that his suspension is effective as from today, this means that Andrade’s suspension could be lifted in order for him to perform in Saudi Arabia if the company decides that his suspension is lifted on the 27th, but it could be that his suspension is lifted the day after and he is then forced to miss out on the Saudi Arabia payday.

It is unknown what will happen with Zelina Vega while Andrade is suspended for the next month, but given the fact that she had a great showing in the Women’s Royal Rumble, there’s nothing stopping her from starting to perform in the Women’s Division on RAW.