Angel Garza Becomes New NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Proposes To His Girlfriend Zaide

Image via WWE

The NXT Cruiserweight Title changed hands this Wednesday night as Angel Garza defeated Lio Rush in singles action to become the new champion of the cruiserweight division.

Garza vs. Rush opened the latest edition of NXT from Full Sail. The Mexican star had the crowd behind him as the Man Of The Hour did whatever he could to hold on to his title, even if that meant attacking his opponent during the introductions.

With both men refusing to give up, the fast-paced hard-hitting match had plenty of near falls and the crowd relished the solid dose of entertainment throughout.

Garza got his knees up just in time to counter a Final Hour from Rush. The Luchador then delivered a Wing Clipper to score a nearfall on his opponent. Using his anger to fuel himself, Garza immediately locked the Man Of The Hour in a reverse Full Nelson to win the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

For the last few months, WWE had been grooming Garza for a bigger role in the company while Rush continued his decent job with the title. Although the WWE Universe had appreciated Rush upon his title victory in October, the Man Of The Hour soon lost steam and fans labeled him as a bland champion.

Garza celebrated his first WWE title victory amidst “you deserve it” chants from the crowd.

During the commercial, the new Cruiserweight Champion addressed the crowd and brought his girlfriend into the ring. Garza then proposed to Zaide in a genuine moment that she certainly wasn’t expecting. She accepted and the Full Sail Crowd went wild with “Garza” chants.

It will be exciting to see how WWE books titleholder Garza going forward. Given he is currently enjoying a hot babyface status with the WWE Universe in his corner, the company should start transitioning Garza into a full-fledged main eventer’s role.