Angel Garza Reveals New Look on Social Media

Angel Garza was one of the breakout wrestlers for WWE in 2020. He didn’t achieve a lot of things in WWE but, at one point, was featured prominently on Monday Night Raw.

Garza was one of the wrestlers Paul Heyman wanted to push as Raw’s Executive Director. For some time now, Garza has been talking to a ‘secret admirer’ on Raw. WWE is yet to reveal the identity of the mystery woman.

Prior to Survivor Series, Garza showed a new look with short hair. He also performed at the show as part of the dual-brand Battle Royal match that The Miz won.

Garza has achieved a lot of things as a tag wrestler with Andrade. However, things didn’t work out between the two and because of that Zelina Vega also walked out on them to pursue a singles career in WWE.

Both superstars ended their alliance some time ago on Raw when Garza defeated Andrade in a singles match.