Angel Garza Reveals Only Triple H Knew About His Plans To Propose

Image via WWE

WWE NXT Superstar Angel Garza is ending 2019 with two big milestones, his first Cruiserweight Championship, and a new fiancé. Garza had a great night on the December 11 episode of NXT, taking the Cruiserweight Championship off of Lio Rush AND getting the chance to propose to his girlfriend in the ring afterward.

In an interview with Super Luchas, Garza spoke about how the proposal came about – apparently, Triple H was in on it.

“Two days before my match, I was driving and saw a jewelry store and stopped by,” recalls Garza.

He entered the store and bought the ring and brought it with him when he went to Full Sail on December 11.

“I ran into Triple H in the locker room and said: ‘I know it will be a very difficult match, and whether I win or lose, would you let me do something?’,” said Garza.

“He asked me what I had in mind and I told him that I wanted to give my girlfriend the ring. He replied: ‘Perfect, you have given me results and I want you to be happy, to be happy with the company. You will have your microphone, you will have your time, we will turn on the lights and all the stage is completely yours’,” said Garza.

According to Garza, it was only Triple H who knew about his plans to propose and everyone backstage was surprised.

“It was something that came out unexpectedly, but I have always said that the best things in life are not planned, they just feel and are done, and if you can do it that way, you will have many satisfactions in your life,” he said.