Another NXT Match Could Be Added To Evolution Card

Lacey Evans
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It was revealed this past week on NXT that Shayna Baszler will cash in her rematch clause for the NXT Women’s Championship at Evolution in a month’s time when she takes on the woman who dethroned her back in Brooklyn, Kairi Sane.

The Pirate Princess has been a fighting champion over the past few weeks but now she will have the chance to prove that her victory last month wasn’t a fluke when she goes one-on-one with the former MMA star once again in New York.

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According to PWInsider, the NXT Women’s Championship match might not be the only one representing the NXT Women’s Division at Evolution, since Richard Trionfo recently revealed that Candice LeRae and Lacey Evans could be given a match on a much bigger platform.

“This is when you go black and white vs color,” he said via Ringsidenews. “You have the whole 1950’s values with Leave It To Beaver/Happy Days stay-at-home wife caring for the husband and children and Candice being that modern woman who’s forged her own career and has found someone in the same industry that she’s in to form a couple.”

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“So you’ve got that old school vs new school mentality and not doing it in a way where you’re sort of sitting there going, ‘okay we’re going to have parodies of both kinds of women and kind of bastardize it’.”

“So we’ll see where they go and if this leads to a match at Evolution, who knows or a couple weeks into the next TV tapings. But it’s also important for both women to remind us, ‘hey there are other women in the division other than Shayna and Kairi.’”

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Evans and LeRae started their feud this week on NXT when The Lady of NXT decided to belittle LeRae in front of her husband, so this could be built into a deeply personal rivalry in the coming weeks.