Another NXT Superstar Released By WWE

WWE recently released NXT Superstar Zeda and the company has added yet another name on this year’s list of released stars so far.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE has released one half of The Ealy Brothers, Uriel Ealy. Although there’s still no word on the reason behind his release, it is speculated that Ealy was released due to a head injury. His brother, Gabriel had mentioned “24 hour migraines” and if that is the case, then WWE seemed to have no other choice as the company is very careful with and concerned about head and neck injuries.

The Ealy Brothers signed a WWE developmental contract deal in 2015, but as of yet, have not been a regular act on NXT. Their last television match was in January where they lost to TM-61. The Ealy Brothers had their last Live Event in late March where they lost to Adrian Jaode and Cezar Bononi.