Are You Ready For The Ultimate Deletion?


Broken Matt Hardy is well and truly going insane! This is a really fun storyline that Impact Wrestling fans got a real kick out of. Well despite the legal troubles, the last few months has seen Broken Matt Hardy become unleashed on the WWE Universe.

Well, the good folks at have reported that things are about to get way more broken in the near future! WWE has started filming The Ultimate Deletion over at the Hardy Compound. Of course, this Ultimate Deletion features Matt Hardy going against Bray Wyatt. What we do know is that it is going to be just as over the top as the one that Impact Wrestling did, but you would have to think it has the potential to be even more over the top thanks to WWE’s larger budget.

As filming has just started, not many details have leaked out yet such as if side characters like Reby Sky, Senior Benjamin, and King Maxwell will be part of it. As Jeff Hardy has just been cleared, you would have to think that he is going to fit in here somewhere.

Broken Matt Hardy is a very interesting character and it is good to see WWE going all in with this storyline. When we can expect this to appear on WWE TV is anyone’s guess.