Arena Advertisement Reveals Seth Rollins’ Feud With The Fiend Won’t Be Ending At Crown Jewel

Seth Rollins was able to hold onto his Universal Championship when he stepped inside Satan’s structure with The Fiend last weekend at Hell in a Cell, but it was only by referee stoppage since The Fiend was unable to respond to any of the hits that Rollins was landing on him.

The Fiend hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since his loss at Hell in a Cell, but he did appear on Raw after the cameras stopped rolling last week since he attacked Cesaro and was later drafted to SmackDown Live.

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Many fans believed that the move would mean that the rivalry between Rollins and Wyatt was over, but this week on Raw, Rollins infiltrated The Firefly Fun House and burned it down after attacking Bray Wyatt.

Rollins will now go one on one with The Fiend at Crown Jewel live from Saudi Arabia in just two weeks time, with the added Falls Count Anywhere stipulation.

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This match should reasonably be the end of the feud between the two men, since they are now on separate brands and the Wild Card rule has been scrapped, but NYCB Live ruined the future of the feud between the two men when they revealed that Rollins and Wyatt would be facing off inside a steel cage on Raw just five days later.

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The fact that this match is happening on Monday Night Raw also means that the Wild Card rule must still be in effect since The Fiend is now supposed to be exclusive to SmackDown. Could this be the build towards another huge match between the two men at Survivor Series next month?

It appears that nothing is going to stand in the way of The Fiend exacting some revenge on Rollins for destroying his Firefly Fun House and Bray Wyatt this past week on Raw.